Discover a New World of Voice Communications
Voice communication may be ubiquitous, but for most organizations, it is far
from seamless. Employees are on the go – whether they are road warriors or
corridor warriors – and running up mobility expenses faster than ever. Yet for
all this investment, their effectiveness is still limited by the need to manage
multiple desk, cell, and home numbers and the associated voicemail, contact
lists and other applications. Mitel
Mobility Solutions provide employees
with the flexibility to stay connected to colleagues, customers, and partners
regardless of location. These solutions help companies lower costs, deliver
competitive advantages, and increase corporate productivity.
Mitel Mobility for BlackBerry
Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS)
changes the game in voice communications by enabling access to Mitel’s
advanced business communications applications directly from your BlackBerry
smartphone. The Mitel solution not only simplifies the call experience, it also
enables IT managers to consolidate and simplify datacenter management
since you can host both your Mitel and BlackBerry MVS environments on
4 virtualization platform.
Integrated Communications
Mitel Communications Director (MCD) is at the core of Mitel’s applications and
provides advanced call control software that can be virtualized to better fit
your business environment. Combined with BlackBerry MVS, your BlackBerry
smartphones become extensions of your PBX, providing a single interface to
all your users’ business communications needs and securely maintaining a
single identity for both inbound and outbound dialing. Your customers always
know where users can be reached and your organization can present them
with a single corporate identity throughout the calling experience.
And because the solution leverages the hardened security of the BlackBerry
Enterprise Server, users are validated against a single set of centrally stored
credentials, simplifying and protecting the maintenance of sensitive data.
Mitel Mobility Solutions for
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System
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