The Alcatel 7570 Media Gateway (MG)
provides the next-generation switching
functionality that is the centerpiece of
Alcatel's distributed switching solution
for mobile networks. It is a high-density,
multiservice media gateway designed
specifically for today's 2G/2.5G/3G net-
works and tomorrow's IP multimedia
subsystem (IMS) where superior density
and scalability are required.
The Alcatel 7570 MG combines a carrier-
grade redundant architecture with a field-
proven platform to deliver fully redundant
switching with no single point of failure.
With its TDM/ATM/IP/MPLS interfaces, it
supports simultaneous any-to-any switching
for circuit-switched and packet-switched
traffic and is designed to ensure high
quality and availability of voice services.
In addition, a small footprint, modular
structure and easily scalable architecture
make the Alcatel 7570 MG a cost-effective
and cost-efficient media gateway solution.
This purpose-built media gateway is
designed for today's network implementa-
tions. It provides:
> Support for multiple interfaces
(ATM/TDM/IP/MPLS) to fit into any
transport environment, including use
as a signaling gateway (MTP BB/MTP
> Optimized backbone bandwidth and
transcoding resources by utilizing TFO,
TrFO and extensive CODEC support
(G.711/G.726/G.729/AMR CODECS)
> Single Ethernet fabric optimized for
all-IP networks
> Superior service integration for flexible
and easy network evolution via software
This advanced media gateway is fully
compliant with 3GPP R4 and delivers inte-
grated support for circuit-switch based
data services (fax, modem) and signaling.
At the same time, it is designed to enable
a quick evolution to all-IP networks with
3GPP R5/R6 built-in functionality.
In addition, the Alcatel 7570 MG is part
of Alcatel's Common Open IT Platform
strategy based on Advanced Telecommu-
nications Computing Architecture (ATCA)
and the first ATCA-based next-generation
media gateway for the mobile market.
Together with a call server and element
management system, the Alcatel 7570 MG
is an integral part of Alcatel's Distributed
Mobile Switching Center (DMSC) solution.
The Alcatel DMSC solution delivers a
drastically simplified architecture, enabling
seamless evolution to a next generation
network (NGN) regardless of the under-
lying technology. It provides the highest
degree of technological, operational and
deployment flexibility to help operators
cost-effectively optimize their networks
and deliver maximum business value.
First large-scale true NGN media gateway
for wireless communications
Alcatel 7570 MG
Media Gateway
Job #: 20736
Date: Sept 29