Somewhat confused by my scoring - I did almost as well as last year, but had
a much lower score.  Anyway, I had a blast! I have come to love
events like this.

This was the second time that I had operated from a park on the shores of
Lake Arlington.  The weather was nice - although a little chilly
with the wind and shorts/t-shirt.  When the sun came out,
it became quite warm.  What a great view!  
For those that have received a picture QSL card from WA5RML - that is Lake
Arlington at sunset.  The photo was taken by my XYL from a parking
lot - unfortunately I live about 5 miles from the Lake!

My station was a K2 at 5 wts, a Code Warrior paddle, and a Buddipole
antenna.  Power was a 12 AH battery.  I worked about
5.5 hrs (10:30=>16:00) before I decided that I'd had enough of the wind
and a diminishing QSO rate.  Next year I'll add "solar" charging
for the battery to get the "Alt. Power" multiplier.

All my activity was on 20M.

I had 26 QSOs in 16 states, including two (2) members of the local
NORTEX QRP club: Joe (KK5NA) and Gary (KM5IT).  I also heard
Steve (AA5TB), also a NORTEX member, but couldn't quite "close the deal"
on a QSO.

I did work the four (4) corners of the contiguous US - CA, WA, ME,
and FL.  Imagine that!  Me sitting at a picnic
table next to a lake using only 5 wts and a Buddipole antenna about 8 ft
above the ground.

Besides Joe and Gary, highlights for me were:

  1. Working anyone! - for awhile, I thought that I'd be stuck at 2 QSOs
    (AC4XO & K7TQ).  Every QSO was very much appreciated!
  2. Some really special QSOs included working Randy (K7TQ),
    Ken (WA8REI - see item #4 below!), Ed (W3PBC - polar bear club),
    Seab (AA1MY), Ade (W0RSP) and Martin (VA3SIE) as CF3RCS.
  3. Worked Mark (NK8J) in MI - he was running 1W. Martin (CF3RCS)
    and Don (W8IDM) were running 2W.
  4. Oh! I almost forgot! It was quite windy. My antenna was a Buddipole.
    Those of you with Buddipoles probably know where I'm going with this.
    During my QSO with Ken (WA8REI), we got to ragchewing a little and he
    told me that it was windy at his QTH. I responded that it was also windy
    at mine… and then my antenna fell over and broke one of the whips.
    It almost landed on top of me!  Luckily I had an extra whip
    from the last time this happened!

Tnx again to the following who made my outting very special:
Ben (AC4XO), Randy (K7TQ), Carter (N3AO), Chas (W3KC), Phil (W6MV),
Don (W7GB), Bill (VE3XT), Ken (KA3WMJ), Ken (WA8REI), Mark (NK8J),
Ray (K8RDJ), Don (W8IDM), Bob (N4BP), Joe (W2KJ), Garry (K4MF),
Martin (CF3RCS), Ed (W3PBC), Ed (WD7Y), John (K3TN), Joe (KK5NA),
Gary (KM5IT), Barry (AI2T), Jim (K4AHO), Don (W2NR), Seab (AA1MY),
and Ade (W0RSP)!

72 & CUL,
Andy - WA5RML