FYBO was great fun here in Louisiana - Dana (AD5VC) and I set up on the
grounds of the Highland Road Park Observatory in Baton Rouge.  Mother
Nature unleashed all her fury to try to dislodge us - temperature of 75F,
sunny to partly cloudy, gentle springlike breezes, a real SPF-30 kind of
day.  Pity we forgot the pitcher of marguritas  :^))  Worked a couple of
Polar Bears and some familiar calls.  20 m seemed very QRP friendly today.
Commemorative photo QSL is ready to print.

Used my ATS-3A and sQRPion paddles with a dipole supported with Jackite
pole.  Powered by 8 NiMH AA cells and a 5 W solar panel with modified Don
Brown controller.  Dana had his ATS-3B and a vertical with a Jackite.  At
one point we were both on 20 m within 4 kHz of one another and were each
able to complete a QSO without undue interference from the other.  This at
a station separation of maybe 40 feet.  Great little rigs, Steve.

Hope all y'all frozen nawtherners get thawed out… thinkin' of you as I
toss another lime wedge in the pitcher… we sure did pass a good time

Jim N5IB