John's PBMME Report:

Hello all,

On the trail at the local conservation land at 8:30 CST.  On the air
from a beautiful rock outcrop at 10 CST.  Lots of signal with FYBO
concurrent with PB.  Great fun and ran until 2100 UTC.

NV0U came along and set up his station about 15 feet to the south.  We
were both using K2's at 5 watts on solar power.  Fun to run Q's for 5
hours and have the battery still charged when you hike out!

Total of 20 Q's for me.  Ran into four bears with this outing: WA8REI,
VE2EZD, WA0UDZ and N9SKN.  Worked 40, 30 and 20 meters.

More info to follow.  It was great fun.  Especially hearing the old
friends and new calls on the air.

73's to all John N0EVH PB144

John's FYBO Report:

NEVH in the field for an unseasonable warm February day.  
So it was SYBO where S stands for Sweat.  Overnight low was 55F, all
the snow gone so the sled method was out the door for getting gear into the woods.  
Went with two wheeled dolly to transport the K2, supplies, food and drink along with
solar panel and comfy chair.  Lots of action on 40 and 20 so ran a total
of 5 hours.  Location was a timbered ridge with limestone rock outcrop
that makes for a nice view while running Q's.  Antenna was 90 foot end
fed wire thrown in the oak trees.  Thanks for the event which is one of
my favorites all year.  Sorry I missed Mike, NQ7RP on 20 meters when
you called.  Lost you in all the traffic around 14.062.  I had
alot more fun than my score indicates!  Ended the event with a ragchew
with Ken in MI, WA8REI who was not having my balmy weather near his Artic
Circle location!

73 John NEVH in Missouri