Once again, FYOB was great fun and we soon overcame our deep feelings of
guilt resulting from operating in the semi- tropical climate of San Francisco
bay area on Saturday.  Well, maybe not quite semi-tropical but Jack
Frost was definitely not nipping at our toes.  Temp. was around 62-64 F
with sunny conditions.

Rem, K6BBQ and I set up at a little micro beach on San Pablo Bay near the
Marin Rod and Gun Club.  I named it Murphy's beach because every time we use
that location, I always forget something important like my key or the bag with my
antenna in it --stuff like that.  We like to use that location because
we are so close to the salt water and like to think it helps our sigs a little.

I used my K-1 with BLT tuner and lil swr/pwr meter (a 4sq club kit, I think) and Palm
mini paddles.  Antenna was the classic Sunny Day fishing pole (SD 20)
in a vert. configuration with 16' of wire as the driven element and fed this lash-up
with some home brew ladder line about 6' long.

Lots of contests going on so I tried to grab anybody who would answer me.  
Got CF2RCS in Canada right off so knew antenna was getting some sort of sig
out.  Both 20m and 40m seemed pretty good.  Wish I could
have exchanged RST's with N5IB to get one of his neat Commemorative photo
QSL's. Maybe next year.  I'll get a bigger antenna.

I heard WQ0RP calling CQ form my home station while I was getting ready to
leave but had my Palm paddles unplugged and packed in my bag and didn't have
time to dig them out again!  Bummer!

As always, It was great fun and think I enjoy FYOB more than Field Day

72 Bill, KF6RMK