Hi all,

I elected to operate from my car (with the windows open), using
a 44 ft doublet suspended from a 28 foot kite pole.  I anchored the
base of the pole under a car wheel using a "copy" of a design by
WB3GCK.  I decided to use my PFR-3 and I find myself liking that
little rig more and more.  It's very easy to set one's code speed;
the IF filter selectivity is excellent, particularly the skirt
selectivity; the attached keyer paddles work well; and and the audio
output is sufficient with sensitive headphones.  However I did change
over to my K1 because the little gelcell powering the PFR-3 died (I'd
probably damaged it during charging).

Getting on the air about 16:00 UTC.  20M was in fine shape,
and I worked several folks in the mid-west and mountain west,
including K7TQ who was copyable throughout the day until I "hung it
up" just after 20:00 UTC.  On 40M, among others, I worked K8IQY who
apparently was taking a break from his design activities.  My last
QSO was with CF3RCS - I think VA3SIE was the operator.

All told, I worked 14 stations in 9 SPC.  Once again, FYBO was
a lot of fun and I hope to be on next year!