Our objectives are to encourage preplanning of funerals and to provide information to members on simple, reasonably priced but dignified funerals in the Ottawa area.
Who We Are
A non-profit, non-sectarian organization, incorporated under the Ontario Corporations Act, and managed by a board of directors elected from the Society's membership at an annual meeting. The Society provides consumer information concerning funeral arrangements and options in its annual Newsletter and website. Useful information on funeral arrangements and other 'end of life' issues may also be obtained from various websites The Society was founded in 1958 as the Ottawa Memorial Society (OMS) by a group of concerned citizens who believed in simple, inexpensive funerals. The Society's name was changed to Funeral Information Society of Ottawa (FISO) in 2002 to more accurately reflect its purpose. FISO operates under a constitution and bylaws and is one of six Societies belonging to the Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies (FOOMS). FOOMS provides a unified voice to speak to the Ontario government on behalf of all funeral information societies in the Province. FOOM's website is at http://www.myfuneralplan.org/ Brief histories of Funeral Information Societies in general and the Funeral Information Society of Ottawa in particular have been recorded by Pearl Davie and Eric Finch, respectively. More than 3000 individuals and families in Ottawa and district, coming from every walk of life and all age groups, belong to the Society. A lifetime membership in the Funeral Information Society is $35 per adult and $50 per family. For this, each member receives the following: 1. A list of current costs of basic and traditional funeral and removal services 2. A set of pre-arrangement forms on which to record final wishes. One copy of the forms is then filed with a cooperating funeral provider. 3. Planning guides and an annual Newsletter. There are no annual fees or dues.