By-Law No. I of the Funeral Information
Society of Ottawa

1 Title
1. This By-Law shall be known as the
“Revised Constitution of the Funeral

Information Society of Ottawa, 2009”.

2 Name
2. The name of this non-profit corporation shall be the
"Funeral Information Society of Ottawa",
referred to in this By-Law as the "Society".

3 Objects
3.1 The objects of the Society shall be, as follows:

(a) to encourage, by education and other suitable means,
dignity and simplicity in funeral practices, and

(b) to provide a consultation service concerning funeral arrangements and costs, cremation, eye banks, banks for other organs of the human body, donating bodies for medical research and matters of like nature.

3.2 To promote its objectives the Society may

(a) encourage members and others to make plans for the
procedure to be followed at the time of their death in the
disposal of their remains, including the type of funeral or
memorial service desired;

(b) enlist the co-operation of funeral providers and transfer
service firms to offer simple and dignified funeral arrangements;

(c) encourage fitting memorials, such as scholarships, bursaries
and donations to charities, that serve the living while honouring the dead; and

(d) accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests.

4 Membership
4.1 Membership in the Society shall be granted to any person who

(a) approves of and subscribes to the objects and procedures
of the Society;

(b) is at least eighteen years of age and has submitted an application for membership or for whom, being a minor or incompetent, an application has been submitted by that person’s legal guardian; and

(c) has paid the membership fee.

4.2 Minors who were members through family membership may apply for membership upon reaching the age of eighteen.

4.3 The membership fees shall be recommended from time to time by the Board and are effective upon approval by the members at an annual meeting.

4.4 There shall be no refund of a membership fee.

5 Board of Directors
5. 1 The Board of Directors, referred to in this by-law as the “Board”, shall consist of ten Directors elected by the members at the annual meeting.

5.2 All members of the Board shall be elected for two year terms.

5.3 The Board shall elect from their own number the following Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

5.4 The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

(a) the President shall chair all annual and any special meetings of the Society and all meetings of the Board;

(b) the Vice-President shall take the place of and assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence;

(c) the Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Society and the Board;

(d) the Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Society, make disbursements as authorized by the Board; and

(e) the Membership Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the membership records.

5.5 The Board shall have the power to appoint committees when required.

5.6 The Board shall have the power to declare a vacancy when a member has failed to attend three consecutive Board meetings without reasonable cause.

5.7 Where there is a vacancy on the Board, the Board may appoint a member of the Society to fill the vacant position until the next annual meeting, at which time any expired term shall be filled at the annual meeting in accordance with article 9.

6 Meetings
6.1 The annual meeting shall be held during the month of May or June each year.

6.2 Special meetings may be called on the authority of the President or of the Board or on receipt by an Officer of the Society of a written request signed by at least 10 members.

6.3 Notice of an annual or a special meeting shall be sent to all members not less than ten nor more than twenty-five calendar days before the date set for the meeting.

6.4 A notice, pursuant to article 6.3 shall

(a) be given in the Society’s Newsletter or by post or electronic mail, and

(b) state clearly the purpose of the meeting and the business expected to be transacted at the meeting.

6.5 Nothing in article 6.4 (b) shall prevent new business being initiated from the floor.

6.6 The Board shall meet at least three times a year at the call of the President, or on written request by at least three members of the Board.

7 Quorum
7.1 At an annual or a special meeting, 15 members present shall be a quorum.

7.2 At meetings of the Board of Directors, four Directors, including at least two Officers of the Society shall form a quorum.

8 Voting
8.1 Each adult member shall have one vote at an annual or special meeting and there shall be no proxy or absentee voting.

8.2 Ordinary business at an annual or special meeting shall be transacted by a simple majority of the members present.

9 Nomination of Directors
9.1 Any member may, in writing, nominate another member, with the nominee’s written consent, to be a candidate to fill any forthcoming vacancies on the Board.

9.2 A nomination, pursuant to article 9.1, shall be received by the President prior to the annual meeting.

9.3 At the annual meeting, any member may, from the floor, nominate another member, with the nominee’s consent, in person or in writing, to be a candidate to fill any vacancies on the Board.

9.4 Where more persons are nominated than there are vacancies on the Board, voting shall be by ballot.

10 Administration and Fiscal Year
10.1 The administrative and fiscal year of the Society shall be the calendar year.

11 Payments and Audits
11.1 Payments shall be made by cheque, the authorized signing officers being any two of the Treasurer, the President and the Vice-President.

11.2 At each annual meeting an auditor shall be appointed to review the accounts of the Society for report to the members at the next annual meeting.

12 Investment of Funds
12.1 Any accumulated reserve above the amount deemed necessary, by the Board, for the current annual requirements of the Society shall be invested at the discretion of the Board in such bonds or other securities as are legal for trust funds in Ontario.

13 Dissolution of the Society
13.1 The Society may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority vote in favour of dissolution at an annual meeting, due notice of the motion to dissolve having been given in the notice of meeting.

13.2 Upon dissolution of the Society and after its payment of all debts and liabilities, its remaining property shall be distributed to The Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies or to some other organization with compatible objectives.

14 Replacement
14.1 This By-law supersedes all previous By-laws of the Society.