Lost In Space 



Black Noise                                       13:28

Phasors On Stun                                4:05

One O'Clock Tomorrow                    7:25

Baba O'Riley                                      4:29

The Only Way To Win                        3:05

Friends And Neighbours                     4:03

It's My Life                                          3:20

Why Don't You Take It                       4:42

Starless                                                 9:01

Also contains 5 hidden bonus tracks



Original Release Date: 2001

Liner Notes by Nash The Slash

Nash The Slash: Vocals, Barcus Berry Electric Violin, Gibson Electric Mandolin, Bosnar Electric "Skull" Mandolin, Maestro Echoplex, Foxx Tone-Machine, Coloursound Supatonebender, Vox Wah Wah pedal, Maestro Sample/Hold, Roland Digital delay, Roland Rhythm 55 Drum Machine, Korg Rhythm 55 Drum Machine, Glockenspiel.

Cameron Hawkins: Vocals, Rickenbacher Bass, Yamaha Bass, Mutron III, Mini-Moog, Elka String Machine, Polyfusion Analog Sequencer, Moog Taurus Pedals, Prophet 5, Yamaha QX1, Yamaha tX816, Yamaha RX5.

Martin Deller: Sonar Drum Kit, Yamaha Electronic Percussion, Detroit Percussion Ensemble, Some Drummers don't have many toys but they sure make a lot of noise. Ka-Boom!


Cover painting Micomicon Dissolve by Robert Vanderhorst


(My signed copy by Nash. PW)