City Of Fear 



Krakow                               4:37

Power                                  3:23

Truth Or Consequences     4:07

Lost And Found                  4:19

City Of Fear                        5:00

Surface To Air                     5:10

Up To You                            4:24

Silence                                  3:17

Riding The Thunder             3:58

Nobody At All                       4:01    


Original Release Date: 1980

Cameron Hawkins: Lead Vocals, Synthesizers, Bass Guitar, 

Martin Deller: Drums and Percussion

Ben Mink: Electric Violin, Electric Mandolin, and Vocals


Engineered by: Jim Frank and Charles Conrad

Assisted by Scott Rea and Cliff Hodsdon

Production Assistance by Ian Murray

Recorded at Soundstage, Toronto Ont and House Of Music, West Orange NJ

Additional Material recorded at Phase One, Toronto by Mark Wright

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

Spoken Word by Pamela Silverstein

Instruments used on this album: Gretsch drums, Zildjian and Paiste cymbals, glockenspiel, Moog percussion controller w/ micromoog, PAIA programmable drum synthesizer, Tympani, 5 string "bent" mandolin, 5 string "violite", 5 string viola, 1912 "The Gibson" Mandolin, Fender amplifiers, Mutron and Electroharmonix FX pedals, 9.95, Prophet 5, Minimoog, Taurus pedals, ELKA ,Yamaha grand, Rickenbacker bass, Polyfusion sequencer, Larry (Fast)'s Moog 15 and Mellotron. 


(I emailed Larry Fast in August of 2000 and this is what he had to say about producing the album. PW)


Exactly how did you get asked to do the album? I remember your
work with Peter Gabriel but to see you produce FM was a real surprise. 

Easy story--I was signed to the same label group as they were in the US, 
Passport Records. We met as labels mates; they invited me to play on the 
album they made before City of Fear and we all got along very well. When 
it was time to make their next record they asked me to produce them. 
Since it was for the same label, the record company was happy to have all 
of us working together.

Could you provide me with more info about FM and City of Fear? 

Unfortunately, there's not too much more to tell. FM was around with 
different members for a lot longer than I was involved with them, so all 
I saw was one window of a couple of years within their much longer 
career. I've lost touch with all of them, though I hope to reconnect 
with some or all of the ex-members someday.

Thanks for asking.

-Larry Fast