Black Noise (make sure to visit below to find out how Black Noise made it to cd)



Phasors On Stun                          3:49

One O'Clock Tomorrow              6:05

Hours                                           2:36

Journey                                        4:41

Dialing For Dharma                    3:15

Slaughter In Robot Village         5:02

Aldebaran                                    5:02

Black Noise                                 9:56

Black Noise Original CBC Cover


The Original CBC release had a different cover (Photo courtesy of Dave Handyside of  Ina-Gadda-Da-Records 

This is the label from the original FM Black noise demo reel (Photo Coutesy of Brett Maraldo)


Cameron Hawkins: Synthesizer, Bass Guitar, Piano, Lead Vocals

Martin Deller: Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer

Nash The Slash: Electric Violins, Glockenspiel, Vocals, Effects


Original Release Date: 1977

Remaster for Compact Disc: 1994 (Now See Hear NSH D7007)

Engineer: Mike Jones

Asst. Engineer: Ed Stone

Recorded at: Sound Interchange, Toronto, 1977

Cover Art and Photograph: Paul Till


Re Released again in 2014 with 2 extra tracks recorded at Larry's Hideaway in 1977 ( Black Noise & Phasors on Stun)



Nash had this to say in an article in a Kitchener newspaper.

"We flogged Black Noise to every record company in Canada, and nobody wanted it," Nash recalls. "We finally signed up with a small New Jersey label called Passport, distributed in Canada by GRT, and they ended up with a platinum record that sold 100,000 copies."

After 16 long years Black Noise finally made it to compact disc. Find out how it was almost not to be. Press release.