Canadian Aerospace Museum's CF-105 AVRO Arrow Full Scale Model

The Toronto Aviation Museum which is located at the north-west end of Downsview Airport recently built a full scale metal model of the CF-105 AVRO Arrow.  It was built by volunteers from the Toronto Aviation museum as well as interns from the Bombardier/De Haviland plant at the other end of Downsview. The landing gear was supplied by the original manufacturer, Messier Dowty and the sheet metal is being supplied from Alcan.   There are no plans to fly  this model, although it will be able to taxi around the tarmac for special occasions.  It is being built in such a way that it can be taken apart to be shipped to another location if necessary. The chief engineer for this project is Claude Sherwood who was once a draftsperson at AVRO. Claude is in possession of some large scale original drawings of the Arrow.

The replica was Completed in the autumn of 2006.

Some of these images are large, but the wait is worth it. Thanks. Michael Kostiuk.

Images as of June 11, 2005:

Short MPEG videos showing the progress of the Toronto Aerospace Museum's Avro Arrow CF-105 replica.

September 2003.

by Michael Kostiuk

Images sent by TAM Arrow team member Michael Kapusta. May, 2002:

Nose section
Arrow Nose Section
Arrow Nose Section
Arrow Nose Section just Painted.
Arrow nose back in museum
Completed "Painted" Nose Section back in Museum.
Partially Covered Fuselage
Partially Covered Fuselage.
Outer wing and tail cone
Outer Wing and Tail Cone Construction.
Outer Wing Section
Outer Wing Construction.

My images (M. Kostiuk) from early October, 2001.

Front showing access panel
Front showing access panels
Left side of front section
Left side of front section
Back section
Rear engine exhaust section
outer wing sections
Outer wing sections

These three pictures were taken by Peck Duff and were sent to me by Paul Cabot on August 25, 2000.

Earlier scenes of the Arrow model, date: May 6, 1999. I took these "stills" from my own video camera.

Cockpit section
Nose section
Cockpit outer frame
Outer wing sections being built. Note the jigs in the background.

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