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General Studio Policy

  1. Tuition reserves your exclusive lesson time, it is not an hourly fee for services rendered. Students are responsible for paying for the time slot being held for them. That is, the number of lessons that are in each month, not the number of lessons for which they are present.

  2. Lessons are weekly running from the 2nd week of September until the end of June. No lessons are scheduled on statutory holidays, during the March Break (1-week), Halloween, Christmas break (2-weeks) and the summer months (July and August).

  3. Payment of tuition for one month by either cheque or e-mail money transfer is due at the FIRST scheduled lesson of each month.

  4. A fee of $43 will be charged for late payments or NSF cheques. After the 2nd NSF cheque only cash will be accepted.

  5. Tuition is non-refundable.

  6. Tuition does not include the cost of music books, festival entry or examination fees.

  7. Students must have a proper acoustic piano or digital keyboard upon which to practice. In the case of the latter, the keyboard must have a minimum of 61-keys and be touch-sensitive. (i.e. The volume of the sound varies with the amount of pressure applied to the key.)

Missed/Cancelled Lessons Policy

  1. A minimum of 24-hours notice is required in order for a missed lesson to be credited towards the next month's payment. A maximum of 2 (TWO) such credits is permitted per school year (Sept-June) per student. Once this maximum has been exceeded students will be charged for the timeslot being held for them. Credits are non-transferable between students.

  2. Payments associated with last-minute cancellations will be forfeited.

  3. Planned vacations, scheduling problems, or conflicts should be communicated at least two weeks in advance.

  4. Any lessons cancelled due to teacher absence (i.e. illness or snowstorms) will be credited towards the following month's payment.

  5. As the lesson schedule is based upon geographic consolidation of students, missed lessons cannot be re-scheduled. A missed lesson is either credited or forfeited as outlined above.

Termination/Withdrawl Policy
  1. One month advance notice is required for termination of lessons - or payment of a month's lessons in lieu of notice. Once a student embarks on a school year of study (i.e. beginning of September to end of June), it is expected that they will complete it.

  2. I reserve the right to remove any student from the teaching schedule who does not meet the requirements of the Studio Policy.