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I love doing photography and digital video editing.
The videos are harder to share but I do keep a sample of them on YouTube
As for my photos you'll find a selection of my general work on my Portfolio Site
To see more of my fashion and model portfolio work click here
There you'll find a selection of my work along with some PhotoShop and PaintShopPro work.
The digital "darkroom" has come a long way from the days of a dark red bulb hanging over an enlarger.

Photography and video is a great way to enhance my other passions, namely fitness, travel and nature in general.
Some people take picture of where they go. I go places to take pictures.
As a family we are very fortunate to have visited Canada from coast to coast, many part of the USA between Alaska and Florida plus Hawaii too.
Throw in Costa Rica, Mexico, the Caribbean, various point in Europe and you get the idea. There is so much to see and learn on the world.

The interesting thing, is that after all that, you really appreciate home.
I enjoy being active in the community meeting new friends and neighbours.
For over 15 years I have been involved in the Fallowfield Community Association and manage a small Yahoo group for them.

Similarly I try to also give back in my industry too.
I've had many great mentors, managers and supervisors over the years and I've learned a lot thanks to them.
So I try and stay active in my fields of specialization sharing what I can and helping others professionally and personally.
As my CV outlined there have been numerous User Groups and Associations where I took on a executive or volunteer role.
The latest is the Association of Enterprise Architects. I am one of the founding members the Canadian Chapter of the a|EA.
This groups seeks to share knowledge, experience and insights related the the advancement of Enterprise Architecture as a mature dicipline.

If you share interests, say hi. I'm a member of Plaxo, Ringo, Linked-in, FaceBook and often on MSN.
Don't say you couldn't find me.

Plus, if you are trying to book some time, I keep a personal agenda mirrored on-line.

Last Updated: Feb / 2009