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Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

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We are a small, family owned outfitter looking for serious, ethical hunters.
Our area is known for Wild Turkey, Whitetail Deer, Wolves, Coyote, Beaver and Fishers.

Our private 200 acre (110 hectare) well-managed property is located in Eastern Ontario,
just 30 miles (50 km) south west of the Capital of Canada, Ottawa.
Our uniquely situated property has a pond, mixed forest and surounding farmland.

We are here


You will find us to be honest and easy to work with.
Our clients become our friends as we look forward to next year's adventures!

A unique experience you will return to for those life-time memories.

Please contact us with your questions.

Please join us. Until then, good luck and good hunting!

During the day/s you already booked your hunt with us,
try your luck at Coyote Hunting at NO additional cost.

Remember the COYOTE you bag today,
won't be the varment that bags your turkey tomorrow.
In WMA 64A to hunt Coyote you only need a Small Game licence.

Thank you for visiting our website and looking forward to hearing from you,

Hunting Disclaimer

As you are participating in a dangerous and lethal sport, the participants waive all rights to
remuneration for any injuries, losses or damage to themselves or thier property while participating
in this dangerous activity, on our lands.

We will not be held liable for personal injuries
or damage to belongings and/or vehicles under any circumstances.

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