-When installing, Norton Anti virus is issuing a warning about malicious code. Why ?

The program is using a function "createobject" which is often used in viruses, that's why Norton is acting that way. There is no virus or spyware inside PatentPleeze (or the free utilities)

-Is it possible to have a batch of documents downloaded from the USPTO ?

No, at this moment batch download is only supported with Esp@cenet.

-Why is there a specific option to use Esp@cenet vs 3. ?

Esp@cenet vs 3 is the latest version available. By default Esp@cenet vs 2 is used . Version 3 of Esp@cenet is now fully supported. You can use one or another depending on The optimal speed you are able to attain. (Version 2 will eventually be discontinued)

-Is it possible to download only a specific "kind code" like "A1" or "B1" for a specific document for ex: ep1234567B1 ?

Yes it is possible, just enter your document number with the kind code as in EP1234567B1. The number will be added to the list without the kind code (as it is necessary to search Esp@cenet without the kind code) but only the document with the specific kind code will be downloaded.

-Is it possible to download "C2" document from Depatis ?

Yes it is possible, but you have to edit the list to add the extension "C2" to your document. Contrary to Esp@cenet it is possible to search kind codes on Depatis

-Is it possible to download reissue, design or plant from USPTO ?

Yes it is possible, but again you have to adapt the number so that it will be recognized by the USPTO . You would have to add to the list a document number like: USD339456, USRE35312, OR USPP8901


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