p13= Wedding Party - 2004.09.18
  Rear Row (Left To Right)
  0006y0102,, GILL, Bruce Douglas
  0007x0104,, MADGE, Bridget Jocelyn
  0009x0105,, MADGE, Elizabeth Anne
  0005x0103,, DENIS, Margot Yvette (Marg)
  0008y0103,, MADGE, Joseph William
  Diane GRENON
  1153x0766,, LAROCQUE, Nicole
  Gilles LABERGE
  1095y0766,, LALONDE, Yvon
  Front Row (Left To Right)
  0003x0102,, DENIS, Jocelyn Lolita (Joce)
  0002y0765,, DENIS, Robert Fernand
  0011x0106,, MADGE, Victoria Lilian
  1094x0765,, LALONDE, Marie Anna Lise
  1485y0806,, LALANDE, Jean-Philippe
  1148x0806,, LALONDE, Patricia
  Frantzie CORIOLAN