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Additions And Formatting
Misc Assiti Shards / Ring of Fire
Eric Flint
   The Philosophical Strangler May/2001  
  The Creatures Of Man May/2003  
  Belisarius I - Thunder At Dawn Sep/2008  
  Belisarius II: Storm at Noontide Mar/2009  
  Belisarius III: The Flames of Sunset Aug/2010  
  Threshold Jun/2010  
1632rf 1632 The Ring Of Fire Feb/2000 e
1633 1633 Jul/2002 e
1634bw 1634 The Baltic War May/2007 e
1634rr 1634 The Ram Rebellion   e
1634bc 1634 The Bavarian Crisis Oct/2007  
1634ga 1634 The Galileo Affair    
1635cl 1635 The Canon Law Sep/2006 e
1635di 1635 The Dreeson Incident    
1635ef 1635 The Eastern Front Oct/2010  
1635ps 1635 Papal Stakes Oct/2012  
1636su 1636 The Saxon Uprising Mar/2011  
1636kg 1636 The Kremlin Games Jun/2012