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Weber Forums Abbreviations
(& Books List)
  Additions And Formatting
POSTS Forum Rankings
0 Midshipman
10 Ensign
25 Lieutenant Junior Grade
50 Lieutenant Senior Grade
100 Lieutenant Commander
150 Commander
250 Captain Junior Grade
400 Post Captain / Captain Of The List
750 Commodore
1000 Rear Admiral
1500 Vice Admiral
2000 Admiral
3000 Fleet Admiral
  Special Rankings
David Weber First Space Lord
Sharon Weber First Lady Of The Admiralty
AAC At All Costs
ABF A Beautiful Friendship -
ACW American Civil War
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AOG Army Of God
AOV Ashes Of Victory
AMF A Mighty Fortress -
ART A Rising Thunder -
ASP Artillery Support Party
ATAT Amid Trials And Tribulation
BHD By Herisies Distressed -
BN Barnes And Nobel
BSRA By Schism Rent Asunder -
BTW By The Way
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
COGA Church Of God Awaiting
COS Crown Of Slaves -
COW Changer Of Worlds
DDM Dual Drive Missile
DRM Digital Rights Management
DW Author David Weber
EOC Empire Of Charis
EOH Echos Of Honor
FALA Freedom Alliance Liberation Army
FOD Field Of Dishonor -
FS Fire Season
FWIW For What It's Worth
FYI For Your Information
G Grin
GA Grand Alliance
GO4 Group Of Four
GOF Group Of Four
HFAF How Firm A Foundation -
HH Honor Harringtton
HOE Honor Amoung Enemies
HOTQ The Honor Of The Queen
ICA Imperial Charisian Army
ICN Imperial Charisian Navy
IEH In Enemy Hands
IFF In Fire Forged
IIRC If I Remember Correctly
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IOW In Other Words
LAMA Like A Mighty Army
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LEO Law Enforcement Officer
LFTR Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor
MDM Multi Drive Missiles
MG Machine Gun
MHOGATA Mighty Host of God and the Archangels
MOH Mission Of Honor
MTAT Midst Trials And Tribulation -
MTH More Than Honor
MWW Mad Wizard Weber (David Weber)
NTM Not To Mention
OAR Off Armaggedon Reef -
OB Oyster Bay
OBS On Basilisk Station -
OFS Office of Frontier Security
OOS Oath Of Swords -
OOTD Out Of The Dark -
OTD Older Than Dirt (Vetustior Humo) -
OTOH On The Other Hand
POV Point Of View
RADM Rear Admiral
RFC RunsForCelery (David Weber)
RL Real Life
SCA Society for Creative Anachronism
SFTS Storm From The Shadows -
SK SiddarmarK republic
SLN Solarian League Navy
SOS The Shadow of Saganami -
SOF Shadow Of Freedom -
SR Siddarmark Republic
SVW The Short Victorius War
SWATH Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull
TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TOE Table of Organization & Equipment
TOF Torch Of Freedom -
TSOS The Service Of The Sword
TTW The Treecat Wars
TWGO The War God's Own -
TWSTMNBN The Weapon System That Must Not Be Named
WMC War Maid's Choice -
WOH War Of Honor
WOH Worlds Of Honor
WRO Wind Rider's Oath
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
  Books List
  # Safehold Series
David Weber
OAR 1 Off Armaggedon Reef Jan/2007
BSRA 2 By Schism Rent Asunder Jul/2008
BHD 3 By Herisies Distressed Jun/2009
AMF 4 A Mighty Fortress May/2011
HFAF 5 How Firm A Foundation Sep/2011
MTAT 6 Midst Toils And Tribulation Sep/2012
LAMA 7 Like A Mighty Army Feb/2014
HFQ 8 Hell's Foundations Quiver Nov/2015 ???
  # Honor Harrington Series  
OBS 1 On Basilisk Station Apr/1992
HOTQ 2 The Honor Of The Queen Jun/1993
SVW 3 The Short Victorious War Apr/1994
FOD 4 Field Of Dishonor Oct/1994
FIE 5 Flag In Exile Sep/1995
HAE 6 Honor Among Enemies Feb/1996
IEH 7 In Enemy Hands Jul/1997
EOH 8 Echoes Of Honor Oct/1998
AOV 9 Ashes Of Victory Mar/2000
WOH 10 War Of Honor Oct/2002
AAC 11 At All Costs Nov/2005
MOH 12 Mission Of Honor Jun/2010
ART 13 A Rising Thunder Mar/2012
SOF 14 Shadow Of Freedom Mar/2013
COG 15 Cauldron of Ghosts Mar/2014
  # Honorverse  
COS 1 Crown Of Slaves Sep/2003
SOS 2 The Shadow Of Saganami Oct/2004
SFTS 3 Storm From The Shadows Mar/2009
TOF 4 Torch Of Freedom Nov/2009
ART 5 A Rising Thunder Mar/2012
HOS 6 House Of Steel Dec/2013
COG 7 Cauldron of Ghosts Mar/2014
  # Assiti Shards / Ring of Fire
Eric Flint
1632rf   1632 The Ring Of Fire Feb/2000
1633rf   1633 Jul/2002
1634bw   1634 The Baltic War May/2007
1634rr   1634 The Ram Rebellion  
1634bc   1634 The Bavarian Crisis Oct/2007
1634ga   1634 The Galileo Affair  
1635cl   1635 The Canon Law  
1635di   1635 The Dreeson Incident  
1635ef   1635 The Eastern Front Oct/2010
1635ps   1635 Papal Stakes Oct/2012
1636su   1636 The Saxon Uprising Mar/2011
1636kg   1636 The Kremlin Games Jun/2012
  # Anthologies  
MTH 1 More Than Honor Jan/1998
WOH 2 Worlds of Honor Feb/1999
COW 3 Changer of Worlds Mar/2001
SOTS 4 The Service Of The Sword Apr/2003
IFF 5 In Fire Forged Feb/2011
  # BOLO!  
  1 Bolo! Jan/2005
  2 Old Soldiers Jan/2007
  # Dahak  
MM 1 Mutineer's Moon Oct/1991
TAI 2 The Armageddon Inheritence Oct/1994
HOE 3 Heirs Of Empire Feb/1996
EFTA 4 Empire From The Ashes Mar/2003
  # Empire Of Man  
MU 1 March Upcountry May/2001
MTTSE 2 March To The SEa May/2001
MTTSR 3 March To The StaRs Jan/2003
WF 4 We Few Apr/2005
  # Furies  
POF 1 Path Of Fury Dec/1992
IFB 2 In Fury Born Apr/2006
  # Misc  
TAT 1 The Apocalypse Troll Jan/1999
TEA 2 The Excalibur Alternative Jan/2002
WOW 3 Worlds Of Weber Sep/2008
  4 Warriors Mar/2010
OOTD 5 Out Of The Dark Sep/2010
  # Multiverse  
HG 1 Hell's Gate Apr/2008
HHNF 2 Hell Hath No Fury Jun/2008
  # Out Of The Dark  
OOTD 1 Out Of The Dark Sep/2010
  # Saganami Island Series  
SOS 1 The Shadow of Saganami Oct/2004
SFTS 2 Storm From The Shadows Mar/2009
  # Starfire  
INS 1 Insurrection Nov/1990
CRU 2 Crusade Mar/1992
IDG 3 In Death Ground May/1997
TSO 4 The Shiva Option Feb/2002
  # War God  
OOS 1 Oath Of Swords Feb/1995
TWGO 2 The War God's Own May/1998
WRO 3 Wind Rider's Oath May/2004
WMC 4 War Maid's Choice Jul/2012
TSS 5 The Sword of the South ??? 2016
  # Young Adult Series  
ABF 1 A Beautiful Friendship Oct/2011
FS 2 Fire Season Oct/2012
TW 3 The Treecat Wars Dec/2013
    David Weber & Timothy Zhan  
ACTD   A Call To Duty Jan/2014
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