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Todays Challenges

» Excessive water abstraction
» Pollution and nutrient enrichment
» Over use of resources
» Uncoordinated development
»Out of basin water transfer
» Alien Species introduction
» Siltation as a result of over grazing and shore line vegetation destrucition

Excessive water abstraction

The very fragile balance of the ecosystem is very close to reaching the tilting point of where the lake can no longer sustain the water demands that the catchment settlements and the surrounding industries and agricultural operations are putting on it. The lake can and does dry up naturally but the strain that we are putting on the system will ensure that this happens much sooner and with disasterous results.

Pollution and nutrient enrichment

As a fresh water lake, Naivasha is very susceptible to external influences of pollution.
- Excessive use of agrochemicals running unchecked into the surrounding land will damage the water quality.
- Improper sewage disposal and direct watering of livestock in the lake and its rivers will disrupt the balance.
- Washing clothes and vehicles directly in the lake and its inflowing rivers.

As the excess nutrients encourage algal blooms which are damaging in many ways and when the poisonous blue-green algae bloom this can be disasterous.

Excessive exposure to these hazards will eventually render the water unusable.

Over use of resources

The balance of the ecosystem is just that, a balance, the over use of natural resources will tip the scale and compromise the lake’s biodiversity and therefore the quality of the water. These natural resources include:
- Fish
- Wetland plants
- Trees
- Shoreline Vegetation
- Grassland

Uncoordinated development

Development needs to be coordinated to protect the natural filtration and cleaning properties of the lake, the biodiversity and the natural beauty of the area, not simply because it is a popular tourist destination but because it is also our responsibility to protect our resources for the future and the benefit of the country as a whole.

Housing, urban development, commercial activities, roads, land use, sewage, waste disposal to name but a few.