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The human population around Naivasha is expanding markedly
- In 1977 there were 50,000 people living within 3 miles of the lake shore.
- In 2008 there are approx. 300,000 people
A 500% increase

This results in an exceptional strain on the survival of the lake because of the additional demands.
So what do we need to do?


The lake supports a diverse and prolific array of wild animals, birds and fauna.
A key attraction for the tourist trade is that it is just a short trip from Nairobi and has such diverse attractions.
The lake sustains this rich environment.
Every effort is being made to help maintain the balance that is being achieved between industry, community and wildlife.


The lake supports an abundance of industries:
- Flower growing
- Geothermal power generation
- Tourism
- Fishing both commercial and sport
- Dairy farming
To name but a few

Lake Naivasha’s cut flower industry amounts to nearly 75% of Kenya’s horticultural exports
The farmers are utilising recommended conservation techniques, such as drip irrigation, water meters, responsible use of pesticides and biotechnology.
More needs to be undertaken to prevent irreversible damage to the lake.
The Lake Naivasha RiparianAssociation is actively involved in creating and coordinating a long term plan for the sustainable development of the lake.