Welcome to Lake Naivasha Reparian Association

Founded in the 1929 by the landowners surrounding the lake, its purpose was to adjudicate the marginal land that is covered and uncovered by the changing level of the water – the riparian land.

The challenges that we face today

Out of basin water transfer: The major tributary to the main river, the Malewa, has been diverted out of the Naivasha basin to supply Nakuru Town.

Excessive water abstraction: The very fragile balance of the ecosystem is very close to reaching the tilting point of where the lake can no longer sustain the water demands of the ever growing catchment population and the surrounding industries and agricultural operations.

Pollution and nutrient enrichment: As a fresh water lake, Naivasha is very susceptible to external influences of pollution. There is a huge amount of polution flowing in through the rivers and from the townships in operative sewage treatment plant.

Over use of resources: The balance of the ecosystem is just that, a balance, the over use of natural resources will tip the scale and compromise the lake’s biodiversity and therefore the quality of the water.

Uncoordinated development: Development must be coordinated in order to protect the lake, its habitat and the natural beauty of the area, not simply because it is a popular tourist destination but it is our responsibility to protect our resource for the future and not to destroy it now.

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