Toronto-Niagara "Hair Shirt" Double Century Bicyle Ride, June 25, 1995

Hot, Hazy, and Humid

*** Pat Buckley ***

Do 200 mile bicycle ride with TBN (Toronto Bicycle Network) from Mississauga to Niagara falls and return. Eventually finished in a minute or 2 less than 13 hours at a couple minutes before 7 p.m.

Start: leave "Square 1" shopping centre about 6 a.m. I had to find a toilet so left before most other riders. They left about 6:20 a.m.

After my washroom break, the rest of the riders are still behind me. Lead group caught up to me and I followed them (drafted) for awhile. They sped up even faster and I decided that such a pace was to fast for that early in a 320 km. ride

Another cyclist was also dropped by the lead group. We rode together most of the way to Niagara. He became overheated before Welland and dropped off... At that time, I was intent on doing the first "CENTURY" in less than 6 hours. Otherwise, I would have stayed with him.

My what these long distance rides do to normally sane individuals??? Yah gotta keep hustling or you'll return in the dark, or not at all!

Some other cyclists returned about 10:30 p.m. Others took the bus back!

Stop at Chippawa and Brock Monument. Find the best washroom of the Niagara Parkway about 300 m. further into the Brock Monument Park than the monument. The water in the taps is COLD!!!

There was brisk wind when I passed the falls. The wind caused the falls to spray all the lovers and keep them from the edge and indirectly prevent them from jumping over... that has been a popular pastime lately? I think I read in the newspaper that 3 jumps occurred last week. The officials blamed the jumps on the drunkenness of the individuals involved?

I guess public necking is "in" again -- just like the 60s. How long is it until the first 90s "love-in"? Wherever I was in Niagara, there was someone necking! Gee, and then, there was someone doing it back in "Square 1" shopping centre's parking lot as I talked to another biker about the prevalence of necking!

Rain?There was some about 7:20 p.m. as I was putting the bike in the car after talking to one of the riders from the first group for about 25 minutes. All of a sudden, there was pouring rain. I gather that there was rain at the big track meet in Kitchener last evening (or was it Saturday?).

It looks like Guelph hasn't had any rain for many moons? The grass in many of the Niagara Parks looked water deprived.

I drank grape flavoured water ("no name" grape drink from "Zehrs") most of the way. I took grape flavoured powder in a vitamin bottle.