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Stainless Steel Twin Bands:

To mount twin tanks to a back pack or back plate. The bands are 1.5 inch wide, all components are stainless steel and available in any size.
The Adapter Plate model is designed to be used with hard plastic back packs that are primarily for single tank use.
Without Adapter Plate model is designed to be used with aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel back plates.
Please specify tank diameter when ordering. Stainless Steel mounting hardware is included (1 threaded rod, 2 nuts, 2 washers per band).
Additional mounting hardware is available as a separate purchased item.

TB-1-AP Picture
TB-1-APwith adapter platesingle
TB-1-NPwithout adapter platesingle

Additional Mounting Hardware (all stainless steel):
MH-A140Stainless Steel adapter plate bolts 1/4", package of two
MH-A516 Stainless Steel adapter plate bolts 5/16", package of two
MH-B140 Stainless Steel wing nut 1/4", package of two
MH-B516 Stainless Steel wing nut 5/16", package of two
MH-N140 Stainless Steel hex nuts 1/4", package of two
MH-N516Stainless Steel hex nuts 5/16", package of two
MH-R110Stainless Steel Threaded Rod 5/16" x 10", package of one
MH-R210Steel Threaded Rod 5/16" x 10", package of two
MH-W140 Steel Washers 1/4", package of two
MH-W516 Washers 5/16", package of two

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