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Dive Reels:

Note: Fully and Semi-enclosed reels are designed so that the cord will never jam.

R Series (Fully-enclosed):
Side mounted handle with 'quick release' ratchet winding mechanism. Carefully chosen materials, precision machined components with durable finish make these units sustainable for commercial, professional or technical use, under most under water environments.

Spool Outside Diameter:4.5"
Width from Side Plate to the top of the winding knob is up to:6.5"
R250E-3 Picture  
R050E-2Gap/Safety 50'1/16"
R150E-2Gap/Safety 150'1/16"
R050E-3Wreck Penetration / All Purpose 50'3/32"
R100E-3Wreck Penetration / All Purpose 100'3/32"
R200SE-3Wreck Penetration / All Purpose 200'3/32"
R250SE-3Wreck Penetration / All Purpose 250'3/32"
R180SE-4Heavy Wreck Penetration / Search & Recovery 180'1/8"
R400SE-2Cave & Cavern / Rescue 400'1/16"

SR Series (Semi-enclosed):
Balanced design featuring offset mounted aluminium handle. Stainless Steel hub assembly. Side friction knob permits tension adjustment during unwinding of the cord. Designed so that the cord will never jam. Aluminium handle comes anodized either in black, clear, or gold.

Spool Outside Diameter:4.5"

SR250SE-3 Picture SR250SE-3 Picture SR250SE-3 Picture
SR250SE-3Wreck Penetration / All Purpose                         250'     3/32"
SR300SE-3Wreck Penetration / All Purpose 300'     3/32"
SR400SE-2Cave & Cavern / Rescue 400'     1/16"

Cord for Reels (braided polyester):

Size #Strength
PC-1161/16"2136 lbs
PC-3323/32"3261 lbs
PC-1801/8"4450 lbs
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