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Stainless Steel Hose Clamps:
Used to: mount pony bottles or canister lights to a tank or in the assembly of a Stage Bottle Rig, or for accessory mounts on a tank in combination with D-Rings and D-Ring Holders.  (½" wide, 100% stainless steel) HC128-65 Picture
HC128-656.5 - 8.5 inches diameter (standard for main tank - 80 cu ft)
HC104-505.0 - 7.0 inches diameter
HC096-454.5 - 6.5 inches diameter
HC088-414.1 - 6.0 inches diameter (standard for pony tanks & 5 inch canister lights)
HC072-414.1 - 5.0 inches diameter
HC036-191.9 - 2.75 inches diameter (for 2 3/8 inch diameter canisters/tanks)

Stainless Steel D-Ring:
The 2" Stainless Steel D-Ring in combination with the Stainless Steel Holder and Stainless Steel Hose Clamps are ideal for rigging/attaching equipment, such as: non-canister dive lights, reels and accessories to a single or twin tank system. SS-DR2 SS-DH2 Picture   SS-DH2 Picture   SS-DR2 Picture
SS-DR2   2" SS. D-Ring
SS-DH2 SS Holder for 2" SS D-Ring

Stainless Steel Split Ring: SS-SR125 Picture
SS-SR1251 1/4"
SS-SR1501 1/2"

Low Pressure Hose Adapter:
May be used to build an intermediate 1st stage pressure test gauge that attaches to the BC connector on a LP hose.  Or used where there is a need to couple a BC LP hose to any other device. LP-HA Picture

LP-HA       Low Pressure Hose Adapter (brass) 1/4" NPT

Weight Belts:
Weight Belts come with a black Cam Buckle and 5 feet (60 inches) of webbing. In the centre of the cam buckle is the circular "Dive Tech" logo.
Available in the following colours: Weight Belt Picture
WB-BLK black
WB-BLU   blue
WB-PIN pink
WB-RED red
WB-TEA teal
WB-YEL yellow

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