Computers etc. are nice for viewing photos, but can you put up pictures on your refrigerator with a computer? The solution is to print them so that they fit into a "standard" size plastic photo holder. If you take your photographs to a photo shop etc. you will find that the pictures are distorted. The reason is that 35 mm pictures have an aspect ration of 4:3 whereas the automatic machine will print with ratios of 6:4, 7:5 etc.. The situation is aggrevated when you crop your pictures, as I do. The solution is to embed the photograph in a PDF file.

This can be easily done using PDFTEX. I normally take the height to be 4.0 inches, the height of a standard plastic photo holder.

N.B. This method is fine for photographic purposes, but PDFTEX has limited capabilities as compared to the PSTRICKS method. With GRAPHVIZ outputting the graph to a PNG file does not result in a high enough quality.

P.S. This photograph was taken just before Le Chevalier de la croix rouge handily bested me in a jousting tournament.