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We own a Baja Wilderness 400 ATV

having an automatic transmition (C.V.T.)

!!!Warning Explosive Hazard!!!
Gasoline can fill air filter compartment & seep by rings to fill the gearbox also

Have you had the misfortune of owning a Baja Motorsports product?
Did you buy yours from Canadian Tire? Did your warranty run out?
Did you ask Canadian Tire for help? Did you get referred to Baja Motorsports in Arizona?
Did you not get a return phone call that was not helpful or none at all?

Well consider yourself in good company.
Join the thousands of unfortunate people now stuck with a piece of ********
sold in Canada by Canadian Tire.

"Baja Motorsports' commitment to provide the highest quality products up front is matched
by our commitment to deliver service and support at the end through parts and service."

bajamotorsports.com/about   bajamotorsports.net   bajamotorsportsonline.com

UPDATE:Some time around the fall of 2011 Techtronic Industries Inc. took over Baja
Techtronic Industries North America, Inc.
1428 Pearman Dairy Rd., Anderson, SC 29625
Phone: 800-323-4613

Please do yourselves a favour.
Spend your money on anything but BajaMotorsports / CTC product, or
return yours while you still can.

Canadian Tire (Major Canadian rep) appear to be helpful at the onset in most cases.
The final outcome is usually is very disappointing as they do not do the repairs in their own garage
but subcontract to an outside shop and simply direct you to Baja Motorsports USA.

If you intend to or have to keep yours take it apart as soon as you can as it has been
your brakes will seize, etc. Little to no water proofing

Baja gives a warranty of 90 days which usually means
the engine has not even made it through the break in period before the warranty has already expired.

Our Story
Obviously this ATV is a LEMON.

January 28, 2012 The Baja Wilderness 400 does it to us again.
I think right now, we are at about 2000 kms on a 4 year old machine.
My wife comes walking home from the bush and tells me that it made a pop sound, lost power and stopped.
She tried to restart it and gave up.
I went back to try to start it for her but there is no compression when it turned over.
I suspect a blown piston head.
We towed it back home so we guess we are looking for a new engine (ha, ha) Probably a new ATV.

!!!Warning Fire Hazard!!!
Jun 10, 2011 update - Well we made it to 1600 kms.
My wife is driving the ATV home and it just catches fire.
Turns out the voltage regulator over-heated and fried the harness too.

ATVfire Regfire

Here is another guys regulator fire on youtube.com

!!!Warning Explosive Hazard!!!
Dec 15, 2010 update - Here we go again, would not start for the wife.
Check thing out to find it would not turn over - must be battery --- NO
Float must be stuck on the carburetor or something as the air filter compartment was full of gasoline.
2 gallons of Gasoline had fill air filter compartment, cylinder head & seeped by rings to fill the gearbox also
Plus had to do an oil change as the gearbox was full of gas toooooooooooo.

May 2, 2010 Our current situation is that
our Baja ATV Wilderness 400's CVT clutch system has failed because of poor quality rivet components.
The belt disc broke free of the drive shaft inside the clutch compartment damaging other plastic components
resulting in the compartment no longer being water proof.
The symptom of this problem is the bike feels as if the brake is on while trying to accelerate.
Being an automatic, it is very difficult to abuse this component.
Obviously the rivet components are of an inferior quality to cause them to sheer
on the driven clutch after only 1200 kms of usage on our farm.
Again we had a problem with an over zealous worker that had caused
the threads to bind the locking nut on the secondary clutch.

Canadian Tire and Baja (Ba-Ha-Ha) say tough luck. It's out of warranty.

Clutch Clutch
My solution - Weld it

Clutch Clutch
May 2010, The ignition key is also faulty as the contacts do not make every time you turn the key on.
Sometimes the switch must be played with the make the bike work.

Please remember this 2008 ATV ONLY has 1200 kms on it - barely broken in, and is not abused.
My wife has been the main driver as it has an automatic transmition (C.V.T.).
I drive a Kawasaki 300 with a manual transmission.

July 11, 2009 - Previous to this situation we had ignition problems.
My wife would be driving the ATV (as it was bought for her), and it would suddenly die.

I finally diagnosed the problem to being an over zealous worker that had stripped the threads
of the ignition module causing a bad ground, by over torquing the mounting hardware.
making the spark jump to the frame instead of inside the engine compartment at the spark plug.

February 18, 2009 the fan won't power up and the High Temp light comes on.
- Tracked it down to the High temp and fan sensors were reversed.

Other Peoples Problems



In attempting to nicely resolve our situation with CT and Baja we've found other dis-enchanted owners of Baja products.

Below please find links of what others have experienced,
including a tech support representative from Baja Motorsports who went public
about what he was told to say and how not to resolve situations.


Baja Motorsports Complaints & Reviews



Ripoff Report - Baja Motorsport

Note to Canadian Tire Corporation & Baja Motorsports USA
You should be ashamed of yourselves to idly stand by,
conveniently ignore customers concerns,
referring Canadians to Baja USA fully knowing that concerns disappear into a black hole.

We have learned that CTC in Kingston, Ontario stocks used ATV's. Some may be for parts
Update:  2010.09.13
After finding out that Canadian Tire actually has a store in Ontario
that does small engine repairs in house, we phoned to try to get some parts,
only to learn that the Department has been shut down in the past week.

It appears that Canadian Tire stores have conveniently chosen to distance themselves from Baja
Motorsports  by dissolving their only small engine repair department at the Kingston, Ontario
store.  Maybe this is as a result of this web site and the negative comments on the CTC web site.

CTC ex-manager, Peter Chapman, Email - pchapman@ctc417.com
is now creating a new company in Kingston called
National Small Engines

1381 Midland Avenue, Unit 40, Kingston, Ontario K7P 2W5
Email - national@kingston.net   613-384-0061   Email - richardrsutton@kingston.net

BB Service and Repair - Authorized Dealer.
5340 Canotek Rd., Unit 20, Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9C8
Phone - 613-749-6266    Email - bill@bbserviceandrepair.ca

Baja source in Canada for Non-Warranty Parts:
          Power Source Canada                    Power Source Canada (B.C.)
2815 Bristol Circle, Unit 1                    300 - 1628 Derwent Way
Oakville, ON. L6H 6X5                    Delta, B.C., V3M 6R9
Tel: 905.829.0006                    800.663.9700
Fax: 905.829.8611                    800.563.1361
Email: info@powersourcecanada.ca
Toll Free Customer Service: 1-800-663-9700

Please feel free to contact us with your story to ad to this website

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