Laurie-Ann's Holiday in San Antonio, Texas,    May 2006

Hi Tony, The Texas Hill Country was gorgeous - I hope to go back with Lisa in a day or two - you can't drive in hilly country and take pics at the same time. They cover all the buildings in Hill Country with beautiful grey stone - looks like Western and German at the same time. The festival is wonderful. When you go in the gate they say "Welcome home". It is only a bit like Blue Skies - it also has many vendors like Ottawa, and the music was good too. Most of the people in the audience are from Texas.

I took back the rental car today - I had driven it 1100 miles!! It was unlimited mileage, so that wasn't a problem. I visited Nancy yesterday for longer than expected, but it was a special time. She's not well so I prayed over her, and she encouraged me as well. Tell Lynn that I am having trouble locating her Texas sized jelly beans. They probably only have them on San Antonio's River Walk, but they did not have them in Hill Country or Houston.....

                                   The Alamo (above)

I did get the pralines though and have a small box to give to Brenda as a gift. The Fibrenet is working - good thing, since some Texas foods are fatty even when you pick the most innocous ones... Weather here is still hot. I picked up a blouse that is pretty, covers me and is quite cool. I wore it in Houston. Now that Lisa (pic, right) is off for the weekend, we're going to spend some more time together. BTW, Nancy's trailer is near Lake Travis - I remember there is an RCI timeshare there. So much to show you in future in Texas... no hurry on that though since these hills are old. Love you.

Give Brenda a hug for me, and remember, you are filling in for me on healing team.

BTW, how did Window of Opportunity go? Did you tell the listeners I was down at Kerrville Folk Festival?? L-A

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