Noble Pet food

We believe in good nutrition for our pets, as we do for ourselves, and their health has been excellent. We were first introduced to good quality pet foods by Alphen, a company whose information educated us to the dangers of feeding the animals on vegetarian foods packed with preservatives like ethoxyquin, to achieve shelf life of several years for store-bought foods. As a result of a series of supply decisions by the folks in Ottawa who we were buying from, we now buy Noble, a product manufactured by Noble Pet Foods of Walkerton, Ontario, tel 591-881-2626, and 800-515-8915.

Dogs and cats are carnivores, and meat should be the primary ingredient in their food. Noble is a dry food based on poultry and preserved with the antioxidants vitamin C and E. We buy it from the Goldthorn Group in Ottawa, and find that we save money as well as giving them better quality. We'd be happy to tell you more about it and introduce you to our source of supply.