Please pray for Laurie-Ann and Tony Copple
Ministry trip to Migori Worship Centre
- Migori, Kenya - July 3 - 22, 2005

Bishop John Okinda's new radio ministry

Dear Tony & Laurie-Ann,

For many years the Lord has been impressing in my spirit to reach East Africa with the message of hope, the Gospel. Radio is the major communication tool in Africa today. People carry portable radios to work. Many villages still gather around one radio to capture the broadcast.

Swahili language is understood by about 85 million people of East Africa. A broadcast out of NAIROBI will reach approximately 75 million East African populatio: what a good group. There is no better inexpensive way to reach East Africa today than radio.

I have talked to the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in Nairobi and despite of few slots available they have given me OK to sign a contract with them and be able to air my first Swahili program in the first week of July. They will give me a discounted price, which is a miracle in itself. The program will be called “TEMBEA NA BWANA” which means walk with the Lord.

It will be aired on every Saturday 4.30 pm – 5 pm. This will get everybody at home, and a family can gather around their radio at this time.

Each and every program will cost US$ 971. Can you imagine with that much you and I can reach 75,000,000 at a go, and the 75,000,000 will be able to share with others as well; this is amazing!

Please kindly believe with me that the Lord will provide the funds to reach East Africa with the good news of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus! I feel the Lord has given us the entire East Africa region, I praise His name.

You can help me by sponsoring one broadcast or more as the Lord will enable you. To do this please indicate your gift to (Kenya Radio Ministry) and send your cheque to:-

Pastor John Okinda
(US forwarding address:)
P. O. Box 184
145 S. Union Street
Leesville, OHIO 44639, USA

Am looking forward to your kind response to this great investment. I want to thank you for your willingness to see souls come to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Let me NOT forget this, the manager of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in Nairobi (KBC) said to me that for every single paid program they will air the same program again for free! This has never happened before; it must be God.

If you help in one program, remember it will be 2 programs in place of one. We cannot afford to miss this offer; it is of the Lord.

If you feel to wire the money direct to my Kenya account, please let me know for I will give you all my account information.

The people of Migori are all excited about the news of the forthcoming programs; people are calling me already thanking God for such an opportunity. Please pray that the Lord will use this broadcast to bring in millions into the Kingdoms of God.

Thank you.

Yours in Him,

Bishop John Okinda

Mission Kenya 2005