The Animal and Bird Kingdoms

From the point of view of a cat, or a canary, the world is theirs, and other species are peripheral; marginal. We should bear that in mind when considering the animals with which we are privileged to share the planet.

When Phantom died in February 2003 I was greatly saddened, to the extent of visiting the grave regularly for solace. He was only 8. Then witin a year Clancy had gone, though at a reasonable age. The house was quiet.

On August 15 2004, we received Indy into our home, a Calico cat born April 1990, who had lived all her life with Lisa my neice, but had to leave when it was found that Lisa's baby was allergic to cats. Then started the journey to find a half decent cat litter brand. In December 2004, after many brands which clumped in a way that made it very hard work to clean out the litter box, I found Pestell Easy Clean, in Zellers, and it is far better than anything else I had used, at least for Indy. Available in 40lb bags, and not expensive.

We both adore Indy and she returns the affection. She has made a great difference in our family home. She is a really intelligent cat with huge personality and curiosity. She loves to relax on suitcases.

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