A few odd mods:


Pathologic: "Partialogic" Ambiguity mod (released)

Removes perfect knowledge of whether the player character is infected. Removes the onscreen player status indicators. Removes the notification of daily mission success/failure. Included as a bonus are several alternative textures - including a translated tombstone provided by Halfgild Wynac.

To be done: Possibly add an ingame map which is annoted with town districts, and optionally, with the types of stores


Mount & Blade: Intensity mod (released)

Initially focussed on making polearms, spears and pikes useful for infantry players, this mod quickly expanded to radically alter shield speeds & durability, horse capabilities, penetrating power of bows, quantity of thrown weapons and numerous other changes. Of central importance was a carefully rebalanced increase in power of weapons across the board. This mod has become truly comprehensive, fixing many gameplay issues despite engine limitations. The overall effect of these changes is more balanced, fluid and unpredictable gameplay. For details click this link.

To be done: Condense changelog to ascertain cumulative changes relative to the original version, port to M&B Warband; expand and balance troop files / factions


Starsiege Tactics (pre-beta)

Tactics mod aiming for a more realistic feeling and decisive gameplay (with modified weapon values, armour and inventories etc.); Dust mod (with modified rebel vehicles to give a sense of converted mining equipment); Updated first nine campaign missions (to balance the changes - not included in this vesion)

To be done: Correct a bug causing pauses in multiplayer, possibly rebuild campaigns for current AI values


Echelon: Wind Warriors Integral

"Second Wind" mod with tweaked flight and damage models; "Fly for Velia" mod making all enemy craft flyable with their own flight models and weapons) - Click here for some screenshots

Release candidate: Rename Gamedata.eng (for english) or Gamedata.ru (for Russian) to Gamedata.dat; then place all files in the .\data directory. A readme and some advice for enjoying the hovertanks may be added at a later time

To be done: Correct a bug causing pauses in multiplayer. Properly balance weapons. Possibly add english text descriptions for novel weapons, produce more comprehensive readmes, possibly make hovertanks easier to use and integrate mods with campaign


Starshatter: The Gathering Storm rebuild (unreleased)

Patch rebuilding all elements of SS:TGS (improvements to game balance, atmospheric flight/terrains, campaigns)

To be done: Add slower destroyers to guard the flanks of cruisers in the campaign, conduct further testing, find a way to shorten fighter vs. capital ship engagements (fighters are currently invulnerable to capital ship cannons) or allow ending mission with enemy fighters present - release held up on this issue


EECH alternative OOBs

Files for changing all maps to either have only Kamov helicopters or Mil helicopters, also includes more mixed groups for the west: combining attack, assault and scout helicopters

To be done: Upload the mod


KA-52:TA base patch

Unfinished mod for KA-52:Team Alligator. Includes more realistic damage model, Zero-G's flight model (with permission) and additional loadouts/weapons

To be done: Add flyable Hinds, tweak loadouts for better realism


Other Authors:

Il-2 1946: Air-to-Ground mods compilation

A redistribution of Charlie Chap's tougher bridges and trains mods, Uf_Josse's rocket dispersion mod and Zloy_PetruskO's anti-aircraft mods. Repacked with permission (although this place holder version currently lacks the corret readme files).


Ef2000: Strategic Falcon

A massive expansion to player control of the Ef-2000 DOS campaign.

I personally bare no relationship to this expansion. It was released for free to the community several years ago and, as the original site has gone down, I am hosting it without permision. If the authors can be found I would like to contact them for permission and to thank them for their work.