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Sent: December 8, 2006 12:05 PM
Subject: Vellacott again affirms traditional, heterosexual marriage

Vellacott again

traditional, heterosexual marriage

For Immediate Release                                                            December 7, 2006

OTTAWA Canada’s Conservative Government has followed through on its commitment to hold a free vote on revisiting the definition of marriage. The motion was: “That this House call on the government to introduce legislation to restore the traditional definition of marriage without affecting civil unions and while respecting existing same-sex marriages.”

Saskatoon-Wanuskewin MP Maurice Vellacott and 122 like-minded colleagues voted for the motion and 175 voted against. Vellacott is disappointed with the outcome of the vote. Only 13 of the 102 Liberal Members of Parliament voted for restoring the traditional definition of marriage. All the NDP Members of Parliament voted against restoring the traditional, heterosexual definition of marriage.

Last night, during the debate, Vellacott posed the question to recent Liberal Party leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff:

Vellacott believes the motion was a reasonable approach to moving the debate forward. Vellacott will continue to promote and extol the values of one-man/one-woman marriage and the natural family for the sake of his children and grandchildren and the well-being of Canadian society.

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