Tony Copple (your webmaster) and his wife Laurie-Ann holidayed in UK in May 2000, and naturally worshipped at Holy Trinity Brompton (three times). On our first visit, together with Tony's mother Joan Wood, our taxi, after battling with traffic for ages, finally dropped us off within a few yards of Nicky Gumbel securing his bike to the railings (see picture below). Introductions were made all round.
The beautiful church was filling fast, and we were escorted to the front row (you can see our seats on the right at the centre aisle on any Alpha video). This was my mum's first visit to a "happy clappy" service and she was right in the thick of it. The music was magic; maybe the best worship music on the planet. Sandy Millar introduced this service, and also introduced Paul Cowley, leader of the prison ministry who talked about many recent conversions in Dartmoor prison. Nicky preached on John 3:16 "The Meaning of Life" (we have the audiotape) which was the high point of a truly wonderful church experience.
The next Sunday, May 14, L-A and I attended both the 11am and the 5pm services. Worship at 11 was led by Andy Piercy, writer of several "Alpha" songs. The instrumentation was always guitar, keyboard, bass and drums, plus occasional trumpet and violin. Nicky preached on Eph 1: 15-23, again a powerful experience. After the service we joined the throng in the bookshop (1/4 of which is shown right) and collected Alpha newspapers, HTB worhip CDs, hard-to-get "Delirious" tapes and other gems. At the 5pm service there were 12 adult baptisms by total immersion of converts at Alpha incuding two theatre stars playing leading West End roles in "Fosse" and "Whistle Down the Wind." Preacher was Sandy - quitely so convincing. L-A and I feel totally blessed to have been there for these three visits.

At all services, prayers were said for political leaders (including London's first elected Lord Mayor, Ken Livingstone) and for Alpha courses everywhere. The singing of the packed congregations was awesome. The hospitality of the ushers and other staff was warming to the heart. Jesus was right there in the centre of it all throughout, and I'm sure he revels in the miracle of Holy Trinity Brompton and what is being achieved for His Kingdom by these his servants there. We recognised a number of faces from videos, and were particularly impressed with Paul Cowley.

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