Christian Current
Letters to the Editor
November 2005

Aaron Helleman in his letter in ChristianCurrent Ontario's October's issue ("Disappointed with lack of balance") shows an ignorance, all too prevalent, of the reason Christians should continue to oppose same-sex marriage. It isn't in order to oppress non-Christians with "Christian morality" but to express our own conviction that homosexual and other sexual perversion is contrary to God's plan for His people.

The same-sex marriage question is but one battle in the struggle to maintain a Christian element in the government and laws of this country, a country which was built on, and to some small extent still professes to maintain, Christian principals.

What Helleman and others of similar thought fail to see is the gradual and continual erosion of those principals on which this country and most of western civilization and indeed most other civilizations are based.

It's precisely because we haven't stood fast against the inroads of social-humanism that we find ourselves in this predicament.

Don't be persuaded that this is the last demand the amoral leaders of Canada will attempt to impose on us. What is next? The legalization of pornography? Including child pornography, using the argument of "freedom of speech" that has already been tried? The reduction of the age of consent? They've already refused to raise it. The legalization of adult/child intercourse, bestiality, incest? There's no limit to the possibilities or probabilities.

To throw up our hands in surrender to this onslaught doesn't become a follower of Islam or Judaism, who's voices also should be raised against these perversions, but especially not a follower of Christ.

The reference to C.S. Lewis escapes me-it seems to be just a smoke screen and taken out of context. He was speaking about divorce, not marriage, and if one reads his chapter on Christian marriage after absorbing the one on sexual morality one will be much better equipped to understand his stance.

Ted Bowles
Guelph, ON

Same-sex marriage