This is the letter that I am in the process of sending to MPs and other representatives.

By Tony Copple

Dear ...
Far from being a small matter, as some have said, this is the largest public matter I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Many books are available, far more eloquent than I in this matter. Nevertheless, since those who should do so have not read the books, here are just a few of the most compelling factors to my mind. In listing these items, I do not criticise or seek to condemn gays and lesbians; but I do warn against their unions being called marriage.

Some reasons
A system that has worked for the betterment of civilization for thousands of years must not be overturned for the benefit of a tiny minority if it negatively impacts the majority.

The institution of marriage is a public act and privilege, not a private arrangement between individuals. It is a public act because it has been found to be the most stable method for the birth and nurture of children, with mothers and fathers.

Homeoerotic acts are dangerous to health. This is a well known fact in the medical profession. The rectum is not designed for penetration and feces are there. Add to this that homeoerotic acts are disgusting and revolting; I cannot believe we could be furtherlegitimizing them by allowing them to be sanctified by the sacrament of marriage.

Our bodies were designed by the creator for heterosexual sex for the continuation of the species. We modify His plan at grave risk to society.

Where the plan has been modified by earlier civilizations (eg the Romans) the results were fatal.

For the above reasons the writers of the Bible warned strongly of the dangers of homosexuality. Christians believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. It is, regardless of whether you believe it. We challenge it only under the influence of evil forces.

The Pope has called gay marriage part of the “ideology of evil.” I am not Catholic but I respect the Pope’s insight, wisdom and courage. I agree with his statement 100%.

If the Pope is right, then the whole movement is satanic in origin. The pope is believed to be right by Catholics.

If this is a matter for the Charter of Rights, then by the same token we can expect demands for group marriage and other mixtures. In fact the homosexual movement has laid out some of its future plans. In Germany a “marriage” between a man and a dog has been recorded.

We have been hoodwinked by the brilliant strategies of the homosexual movement, from its beginnings with ex communist Harry Hay in 1950. They have penetrated every corner of our society with their false philosophies, including most recently the established churches, and the result is destruction and fear.

Why does Canada want to be the third country to legitimize same-sex marriage, when the results in the Netherland and Belgium are far from satisfactory? What’s the rush? Our leaders’ statements attempting to connect this issue to the Charter of Rights suggest that hundreds of other nations are currently denying these rights to their people. Do we imagine we know better than them all?

It is said that most under-40’s support same-sex marriage, and over-40’s do not. Is it possible the older generation have wisdom that the younger have yet to learn? Is it even possible that the brains of the younger generation have been addled by pot-smoking? (This last is tongue-in-cheek)

I am not interested in just delaying this legislation. I never want to see it passed.

There is plenty of evidence that homosexual behaviour can be reversed, and plenty of ex-homosexuals who bring much more passion than I to prevent homosexuality from becoming more widespread by virtue of its fuller acceptance in society.

Other references:

Yours etc.
Tony Copple
Kanata, Ontario
February 24, 2005