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Subject: Breaking News - Primates respond to Canada's General Synod decisions

Breaking News – Global South Primates respond to Canada’s General Synod decisions


The Global South has just posted a statement which contains the first reaction from Communion Primates to decisions made by the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) at its recent General Synod. 


The statement notes the Primates:

·          are “dismayed” by the ACC’s decision “that same-sex blessing is not core doctrine”

·          recognize that the decision not to proceed further with authorizing same sex blessing is only “temporary restraint”

·          are aware that ACC bishops continue to defy the recommendations of the Windsor process

·          are exploring possibilities for providing pastoral care for faithful Canadian Anglicans wishing to remain in Communion


“The Anglican Network in Canada is grateful to God that the Primates, once again, have demonstrated their concern for the situation in Canada,” says Network Moderator, Bishop Donald Harvey.  “We share their grief and distress at the Canadian Church’s defiance of the Windsor process and particularly our church’s ominous decision to declare same sex blessings not in conflict with core doctrine.”


Important comments in the Statement:


#4     “…Without heartfelt repentance and genuine change there can be no restoration of the communion that we all earnestly desire and which is our Lord’s clear intent.”


#8.    “We have also noted the decisions of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada and are dismayed by their unilateral declaration that ‘same-sex blessing is not core doctrine’. While we were grateful for the temporary restraint shown in not proceeding with any further authorization, we have observed that a number of the bishops are continuing to defy the recommendations of the Windsor process. We are exploring the possibility of additional pastoral provisions for those who want to remain faithful to Communion teaching and have been affected by the continuing actions of their own bishops.”


#10. “…It is impossible for us to see how, without discipline in the Communion and without the reconciliation that we urge, we can participate in the proposed conference (Lambeth 2008)…”


#11. “…We expect to call a Fourth Global South Encounter to bring together faithful Anglican leaders across the Communion to renew our focus on the apostolic faith and our common mission.”





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