In Alpha Talk 15, a psychology study is quoted where a group of teenagers was asked to indicate which of a series of lines was longest. All except one of the group were told in advance to vote for the second longest line. In trial after trial, the lone member who was not "in the know" always voted with the majority rather than suggest that they were all lying or wrong. Right is right, even if only a few hold it to be, and wrong is wrong, however many people accept it.

This story about peer pressure explains the reason for many aspects of life being acceptable even when they are logically indefensible. It explains the whole world of fashion, and not just in clothes but down to tattooing and piercing. It explains the complete drug scene. It explains why rich people wear blood diamonds and why people are judged on the cars they drive. It explains why people adhere to religions rather than seeking truth. It also explains why some in history - Elijah, Moses, Job, Jesus, and many others today follow righteousness to their great personal cost.

The Living God's Blessing site names hundreds of supporters of same-sex blessings - see List 1. An earlier appeal by the Elmhurst Committee on Human Sexuality also has its supporters - see List 2. List 2 is smaller, probably because it was an Ottawa initiative and the majority of people are in Ottawa alone. (Names can still be added to it).

These numbers tell us one thing: that each side has its supporters. They do not tell us which is right.

As for me and my house, we will never accept the sanctification of sodomy, even if the whole world would practise it.

Same-sex blessings