Re: Leaders OK plan for AIDS fight, June 3.

Canada has spent $800 million in the global fight against AIDS since 2000, including $250 million this year for the UN's Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Canada has now agreed to join the other United Nations member states to triple global spending on the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Specialists, including Ontario's health minister, agree that incidence of AIDS is highest among those leading unhealthy or risky lifestyles (See Science, April). In fact, Ontario's Health minister has proposed that we allot more health funds to such people. Consider that Canada has legitimized an unhealthy and risky lifestyle by legalizing same-sex unions and is, even now, considering the distribution of needles to those who inject illegal drugs. How mixed up can we get?

Let people live how they choose, but why should Canadians fund their choices? How high must our taxes go to permit people to live unhealthy lifestyles?

I would prefer that my tax dollars go towards helping AIDS orphans, the children who, ultimately, are the victims of those leading unhealthy lifestyles.

M.J. FERRARI, MD, Ottawa

Same-sex marriage