Daily Nation, Tuesday July 19

Opinion poll shows most Kenyans are opposed to homosexual marriages
By Mugumo Munene

Kenyans are overwhelmingly opposed to homosexuality and same-sex marriages.

According to 98% of the respondents in the Steadman Group poll, the practices ran contrary to their personal principles, morals and religious beliefs.

The opinion poll was conducted in 14 urban centres in April, and was released after the Nation reported that the world leader of the Anglican church, Archbishop Rowan Williams, was scheduled to visit Kenya tomorrow.

98% of those interviewed in the poll said “no” to homosexual church leaders. About a third said they rejected homosexuality, viewing it as a negative influence from the West, while 96% said it was against their religious beliefs.

96% of Kenyans said in the poll that the acceptance of homosexuals as priests would weaken the church’s foundation.

Nearly a third of those interviewed would change their church if the leader is gay, while half would change denominations altogether.

They told the pollsters that they opposed homosexual leadership in politics and would not want such couples to adopt children.

Same-Sex Marriage