By Tony Copple
2 July 2005

Mr. Martin has used the Charter of Rights as his guidepost in ramming unwanted and superfluous legislation down the throats of the nation in the same-sex marriage bill C-38.

I see things differently. Christians are incredibly privileged to have been shown why God came to earth in the person of his Son. The redemption from sin that was the primary purpose of his first coming is the vital element that makes life in an imperfect world viable. My greatest wish is to see everyone introduced to Jesus Christ and see them develop a personal relationship with him, the creator of the universe.

In Canada we live in a multicultural society. This is wonderful! Immigrants come from every corner of the globe. Those who are already Christian invariably strengthen the Christian community here. Those who are not are exactly the souls that need to be saved. Many are unaware of the truth, and are living lives without hope of redemption. While this means that they are often denied the fruits of the Spirit, including joy, love, peace and self-control, even more importantly their souls are in grave danger of judgment and spiritual death. It is of the utmost importance that they be introduced to Christ and given the opportunity to understand his universe.

Because most of our politicians are blinded by Satan they don’t know any of this. Many see religion – any religion – as an unfortunate social wart on society. The more enlightened may realize the good done in the name of religion to help the disadvantaged in society, saving the spending of tax dollars. Their objective is to help people of all backgrounds feel accepted in Canada. They believe that if Christianity appears more prominent than other religions, the followers of those other faiths, or no faith, will be upset. I have travelled the world and was never upset by the practice of other religions in other countries.

How do I know this? Because in my life as an agnostic, and then an atheist, I believed it too.

Once the veil is lifted, and we ask Jesus to be our constant companions and guide, and want to tell others about him, we would never think of supporting social mores that attempt to treat Christianity as a mere symptom of civilization. To deny our children in school the basic education in Christianity that we received – thank God – is a sin, and a serious one. To exclude Jesus from schools on the ground that Muslims and atheists might feel slighted is hogwash.

Once more people realize which side is up – that God created the universe and came here to show us how to live, then issues such as gay marriage would never arise. Could there be anything in the world more important than learning more about God and life on Earth and in Heaven as we study our faith? God told us long ago in his Book what was good, and what should be avoided. He instituted marriage as the cornerstone of civilization. And it was marriage between one man and one woman. End of story. You don’t change that. Not if your eyes have been opened.

Same-sex marriage