By Carman Bradley

(Extract from www.MarriageReality.Org)


This article explains why Christian voters should consider “marriage” the central election issue; why marriage redefinition is not a closed matter; why Christians must reject same-sex marriage; and five tenets are offered to re-establish Christian beliefs in this era of "liberal pro-homosexual” theologies. 


Same-Sex Marriage Imposes a Secular Humanist Worldview


A worldview is a set of beliefs about the reality and meaning of life, which acts as a framework for establishing right and wrong in State decision-making (judicial and governmental).  Marriage redefinition compels the Canadian State to censure orthodox religious values from public expression and signifies that the State has fully adopted secular humanist ideology as its framework for governance. 




Traditional Marriage


Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism






Same-Sex Marriage


Secular Humanism


The societal “model” for human survival is heterosexual coupling.  Humans are male and female, anatomically matched for the purpose of heterosexual pair bonding and procreation.  The State privileges heterosexual unions and tolerates other relationship variations.  







There is no “rightful” purpose behind male and female.  Gender is a heterosexist social construct that must be deconstructed.  The State is indifferent to the adaptation of gender, anatomy and sexuality in human relations.  Society must become indifferent towards homosexuality.


Ideally children are the result of “natural” heterosexual intimacy and a genetic connection exists between children and parents.  Children are entitled to know their genetic heritage.  The nuclear family model is the chief obstacle to widespread use of technologies for baby production. 




Lesbian and gay couples have the same rights to reproductive technologies as heterosexuals.  The State is indifferent to the need for a biological connection between children and parents and to third party involvement in the production of babies.  Same-sex marriage weakens the argument against human cloning.  



The building block of society is the multi-generational biologically connected nuclear family.  The State exists to promote the prosperity and independence of nuclear families.  The State does not promote increased levels of single motherhood, single fatherhood or same-sex parenting.






The State is indifferent to motherhood and fatherhood, indeed, indifferent to a child’s need for grandparents and other biological relations.  The State asserts that gay parenting or lesbian parenting is the same as heterosexual parenting.  The State is indifferent to family variation and child rearing experimentation. 


Marriage Redefinition Is Not Inevitable


On same-sex marriage, Prime Minister Martin said, “The Charter was enshrined to ensure that the rights of minorities are not subjected, are never subjected, to the will of the majority;” and “these rights must never be left vulnerable to the impulses of the majority.”  However in 1999, when Parliament voted 216-55 in favor of protecting marriage, the decision was seen as neither “impulsive” nor “oppressive.”  Justice Minister Anne McClellan said at the time: “The government has no intention of changing the definition of marriage or of legislating same-sex marriages.  No jurisdiction worldwide defines a legal marriage as existing between same-sex partners.” 


It is the deep-rooted institutions of marriage and family that are under assault and the aggressor is actually a minority within a minority.  Only three percent of homosexuals (one in a thousand Canadians) would wed, if same-sex marriage was offered; a true “minority,” but hardly a “vulnerable” group.  According to BC Supreme Court Justice Ian H. Pitfield, gays, lesbians and bisexuals have all the freedoms of expression and association, as well as mobility, liberty and security rights without marriage. 


The Liberal claim “It’s the Charter Stupid,” that enshrined sexual orientation marriage rights can only be thwarted by use of the notwithstanding clause is misleading.  If it were true, the marriage rights of bisexual “threesomes” would also be guaranteed. The fact that bisexual marriage is not part of the redefinition legislation is further proof of the political and not enshrined “human rights” nature of the matter.  The claim of enshrined same-sex marriage rights has its origin in a strategy to deflect accountability for the unpopular political decision onto the Supreme Court and to negatively name-brand opponents as posing some grave threat to the Charter. 


When the Supreme Court was asked whether the heterosexual definition of marriage was unconstitutional, the Court responded that a “no” answer would “throw the [proposed] law into confusion” and after ruling marriage law to be a federal jurisdiction, the Court said that “the lower courts’ decisions in the matters giving rise to this reference are binding in their respective provinces,” and that “These circumstances, weighted against the hypothetical benefit Parliament might derive from an answer, indicate the Court should decline to answer.”  The Liberal Party interprets this response as evidence of “enshrined” marriage rights and the Conservative Party, along with many Liberal MPs, take the view that there are other more preferable alternatives. 


What can be said with certainty? The Supreme Court has ruled that homosexual “civil unions” must be addressed and that Parliament may redefine marriage to do this.  However, France has created the Pacte Civil de Solidarité and the United Kingdom has enacted Civil Partnerships to resolve this marriage issue.  Similar choices are available for Canada and this election is the first and likely last opportunity for Canadians to make their preferences heard.  The window of opportunity for the Nation is closing – Christians must take their stand now or forever hold their peace.


Christ’s Kingdom Cannot be Divided on the Issue of Same-Sex Marriage


In 2004, the United Church of Canada declared before the Supreme Court: “There is no theological impediment to same-sex marriage.”  Their Factum testimony given under the claim of being Canada’s largest mainstream protestant Christian denomination must be challenged.  Our Charter does not guarantee freedom of counterfeit religion and the UCC witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ was deceitful.  The United Church: denies the Trinity; denies the Bible is the Word of God; denies the divinity of Jesus Christ; denies that Jesus Christ is the only way of redemption; denies original sin; denies judgment; believes that all will be saved; condones premarital and extra-marital sex; asserts no normative theology; and condones non emergency abortion.  The denomination is at best a pseudo Christian cult. 


Jesus Christ cannot be “reimaged” and His Gospel is not indifferent to sexual promiscuity and immorality.  Christianity is inseparable from heterosexism.  A huge theological paradox for pro-homosexual churches in this new era is the status of the sexually active but unmarried.  The alternatives appear to be: (1) release the heterosexual from the traditional sexual moral code to follow the free sex ethos of homosexual culture; or (2) condemn as living an unrighteous lifestyle the virtual entirety of the homosexual community.  True followers of Christ must oppose apostate liberal pro-homosexual theologies, which declare same-sex marriage compatible with Christianity.  This election is the best opportunity orthodox believers will have to right the damage done to Canadian Christendom. 


Five Articles of Authentic Christian Faith


Human life begins at conception and is a gift of God.  Human cloning is not a divine gift but is a reflection of man’s desire to become the Creator.  All human life, regardless of age and functionality, has God-given intrinsic worth and an inherent right to life.  Abortion is only tolerable in the last resort to save the mother’s life.


God designed humans to be male or female anatomically matched for procreative union.  God intends sexual activity to be exclusively preserved for the marital partner and monogamously contained within the marriage covenant.  Marriage is meant to be the life-long union of one man and one woman.  God hates divorce.


God intends marriage to be the societal foundation for the bearing and rearing children.  The Biblical family model consists of responsible heterosexual parents, biologically connected to their children.


Homosexuals live in a false reality before God, falling short of God’s intended heterosexual design and purpose for humanity.  God does not elect homosexuals to adopt the lifestyle they choose.  God’s judgment lies in leaving homosexuals where they want to be and giving them over - heart, body and mind - to this untrue reality.


Homosexuals and heterosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God unless they are born of the Holy Spirit.  The Christian witness of ex-gays, ex-lesbians and heterosexuals to the saving grace of Jesus Christ is testimony to God’s sovereign authority and His loving plan for our redemption from the cost of contravening His Law.




Our Constitution Preamble states, Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God.” In 1999, Parliament defeated MP Svend Robinson’s secular humanist Bill to replace “God” in the Preamble with “intellectual knowledge.  Same-sex marriage, which goes against God’s plan, accomplishes in effect what this Private Member’s Bill did not achieve.  Dostoevsky warns, “If God is dead, then everything is justifiable.  This election make a difference by ending indifference. 


Christians are to be a light for all Canadians.  – Acts 13:47


Take a Stand for Christ!