Proposed questions for Episcopal nominees in Ottawa

As an alternative to the bland over-open questions proposed by the Nominations Committee for our next Bishop of Ottawa, I offer the following:
    Are you a born-again Christian? (your faith come alive; saved; – whatever you wish to call it.)

    Do you believe the Nicene Creed, and accept the miracles including the virgin birth as being physically and historically accurate, or do you see them more as examples of the power of suggestion used in the purpose of expounding Christianity?

    Are there other way to salvation than through the atonement offered by Jesus Christ’s death?

    Do you feel that the sex acts of homosexuals are acceptable as part of Christian unions and that such unions can be sanctified by God as marriage? If your answer is “yes” how would you engage with others not of the same mind as yourself?

    In the likely event of a worldwide split of Anglicanism during your time as bishop, would you prefer to side with the “orthodox” majority, or the liberal minority represented by the Anglican Church of Canada? Tony Copple
    18 Dec 2006

    Same-sex blessings