Soaking Prayer in Action
at Worcester Christian Church

God speaks to us in various ways, but usually we are not tuned in. We are on the wrong frequency. We are missing his words of love and wisdom that can guide us in key aspects of our lives. Healing miracles, which we pray for regularly, are actually quite rare. But advice from our heavenly Father on how to live in this world he created for us comes at us much more frequently, whether we ask for it or not. All we have to do is learn how to listen. Once a month in Worcester Christian Church, people get together to listen to God. That is what Soaking Prayer in Action is all about. Why not come and experience it for yourself? Discover how to tune Him in, and then take action. For example, I felt he suggested to me that I post this web page, and then when I got started he helped me with the details. Join us on the last Sunday of each month in the Groot Lokaal from 6:00 pm to 7:30. It's free! Sometimes we hold hold soaking prayer in our home, Hooggelegen 48 in the Hooggelegen Retirement Village, Langerug, particularly during school breaks when the church is closed in the evenings. All are welcome, from any church or no church.
- Tony Copple
   and Laurie-Ann Copple, the artist
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