Kanata Group
Meeting with the Mayor October 3, 2001

Keeping Kanata Alive

by Michelle Iseman, communications member, The Kanata Group

On October 3, 2001, the mayor of Ottawa, Bob Chiarelli was the principal guest at our monthly breakfast meeting. This event had been in planning several months, during which we surveyed the concerns that we might bring to the mayor's attention. Some of these were presented as questions for discussion over breakfast during this most enjoyable event. Other, more detailed issues were given to him in a report. This is that report.

The Kanata Group, made up of professionals from all walks of experience, has one main concern that touches everyone within Kanata - that of keeping Kanata alive. Kanata has experienced explosive growth over the last few years and as such, many of the existing services are taxed to their limits. Presented at many town hall meetings, through Kanata's councillor Alex Munter and at many community meetings are the concerns of the 60,000+ residents of the ward of Kanata. The questions that are asked at the breakfast meeting of the Kanata Group with Mayor Bob Chiarelli might reflect some of the needs of the people.

The needs of this community are ones that are reflected in all of the new wards in the City of Ottawa. Infrastructure is first and foremost as our growth continues to exceed the upper most limits originally planned for our community. The infrastructure is broken down into three main points where Kanata lacks resources: roads, transportation, and facilities. In order to keep the city informed about our needs communication is factor that concerns our populace. New growth and keeping Kanata viable are important to the future of our community. Keeping the vision for the future as we grow to a community of 120,000 by 2011 is essential to the community of Kanata. Non-governmental services and provisions for our children, youth and seniors are factors that should not be overlooked. Local issues such as strip malls, long distance calls, our mailing address, or green spaces should be looked at as reflective of the larger picture - keeping Kanata alive and viable.

Roads and Transportation

The exponential growth in Kanata has meant that our resources, mainly the infrastructure and planning, are beyond acceptable limits. The guidelines set down years ago for the roads and transit ways has long since been surpassed.