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June 24, 2005

Canada is in a crisis in the natural realm, perhaps as a result of a crisis in the church.

Marriage is about to be redefined, government corruption is at unprecedented levels, and now historical democratic conventions have been violated.

On June 27th there will very likely be a vote to redefine marriage. And Bill C-38 will be passed if that happens, short of divine intervention.
The legal re-definition of marriage can never change the essence and substance of biblical marriage as between one man and one woman, just as God's word will never change.

But it is incumbent upon all of us as God's Church to pray earnestly over these next few days and to call upon God that His will be done in His nation. Pray that the political leaders do not open themselves and this nation to the enemy in this matter.
Pray that Members of Parliament (MPs) will do what is right in God's eyes.

Should marriage be redefined, it will become the sole responsibility of the church and parents to preach and teach that marriage is still one man and one woman. There is no other source of truth except the church and God-fearing parents. In fact, if the church fails to do this, in one or perhaps two generations the ideal of marriage will be lost to the children of this nation.

I ask: Would you set aside time this weekend to lead people in prayer for our nation? This is a priority issue in Canada. NOW. Perhaps prayer in front of the MP offices would be worthwhile, but most certainly, anyone who prays, pray in home groups, church services or in private is a MUST. We must do all we can and trust God's will is the result.  

I sensed God show me another area of great concern in Canada: that a "spirit of deception" has covered this nation like a blanket. It has deceived many including His church. Canadians have failed to respond in a righteous manner to moral and social issues in Canada because we have been deceived.
The best weapon against deception is to expose it with truth.
And the best weapon for the church is prayer.

May I suggest we focus on these three areas for prayer:
1)    God's will be done in upholding the definition and ideal of marriage as a man and woman.
2)      MPs will not be influenced and directed by an anti-Christ spirit, but will be influenced and directed by Spirit of God and righteousness.
3)     The church rise up in prayer to break the spirit of deception over Canada so we may understand and fulfill God's call.

May we enter into intercession this next 3 days at a new level, nationally? 
Would you lead in prayer on Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26 in all services?

God, grant us mercy and bless this nation.

Brian Rushfeldt
Canada Family Action Coalition

Romans 12:9

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