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The Canadian Government Votes to Not Open the Definition of Marriage At This Time!
Patricia King
Dec 14, 2006

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The Verdict from the Canadian Parliamentary Vote!

As some of you may know by now, the motion put forth by the Canadian Government to re-open the marriage legislation was defeated by 175 over 123 on the afternoon of December 7th, 2006. This means that the law that was passed last year that redefines the definition of marriage to include those of the same sex still stands.

  • THANK YOU to those of you who prayed.
  • THANK YOU to the Canadians who took the time to contact their Representative in office.

In spite of what the media may be portraying, we all know that this issue is not dead. It lives on in the hearts of millions of Canadians and will inform how they vote in the next election. Contrary to what we may 'see' with our natural eye, we believe we are gaining ground in the spirit and you need to know that your prayers and efforts are making a difference. Many members in our Canadian government offices have said that they appreciate the work being done on the Hill in making our voice on these moral issues heard.


Firstly we want to state the obvious:

  • CONTINUE TO PRAY: As long as this issue burns in our hearts, it is not dead. Lazarus was not dead. Neither is this. Pray that the Canadian leaders would have great wisdom 'from above' at this point.

  • CONTINUE TO SHARE YOUR HEART: We need to continue to share our hearts on this, and other key issues, with our elected officials at every opportunity, whether here in Canada or wherever you live. If they know what is in our hearts, they will hear, listen and act when the time is right.

  • TEACH AND PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN: Now more than ever, parents need to be praying over their children and mentoring them in a deep way on this and other issues. They will need to have a deep place of strength in their spirits in order to stand in the days to come. Every indication would say that the educational spheres in Canada will now have more leverage to push curriculum and media that overrides faith-based moral consciences.

PRAY AND SPEAK UP FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH: We already have several examples of Canadians who have been fined, fired and more for speaking their moral conscience on this issue. Let's be real.

Faytene Kryskow's website http://www.4mycanada.ca/ will have more updates for you regarding this and other issues being addressed within the Canadian government. Please pray for her and other ministries like hers, that keep our voices heard in the offices of our government officials.

So, once again, we thank you for your continued prayers as we fight these battles, both here on the ground, and in the heavenlies!



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