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Urgent prayer for Canada! Same sex marriage on table again.
Patricia King
Nov 25, 2006

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Urgent Prayer for Canada
Same-Sex Marriage the on Table Again

Dear Friends,

Hi there. I am in Ottawa right now and have come to understand that the same-sex-marriage bill could possibly be brought to the table for a re-consideration on December 4, 2006 or thereabouts. If the parliament votes in favor of reconsidering, then there is a possibility that the bill gets reversed and the sanctity of marriage preserved. The news has come through a reliable source.

This is absolutely critical and needs to be covered in much prayer. Please pray for our conservative government at this time. Only the church, through prayer can tip the scales on this. Let's arise to the occasion and pray aggressively.

Pass this on to as many others as you can. We have less than 10 days left until the 4th. If you are Canadian, please sign the petition on this link: http://www.restoremarriagecanada.ca/restoremarriagecanada/

Alberta votes today for new leader of the conservative party

Also remember to pray for Alberta's election today, November 25th. If you are not Canadian, we so appreciate you standing with us at this time.

Faytene Kryskow website http://www.4mycanada.ca/ will have prayer updates for you.

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